Creating Opportunities for Healthy Communities

This interactive course will provide basic knowledge about how our social networks, community structures and local and state policies affect our health and health behavior.  Its goal is to discuss the importance of planning and implementing public health strategies to create environments that make the healthy choice the easy choice and support healthy living. 

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to describe the systemic and environmental factors that influence health and health behaviors; describe the social-ecological model and steps involved in using it to select strategies for improving public health, and describe how local organizations and communities can implement important policy change strategies.

This course is offered in conjunction with the Prevention Research Center at the Ohio State University College of Public Health and the Ohio Department of Health.

“The Creating Opportunities for Healthy Communities course does a wonderful job of making the case for why policy, system, and environmental change is important for improving health.” - Amy Bush Stevens, Research, Evaluation, & Policy Analyst, Health Policy Institute of Ohio

Target Audience

The target audience for this workshop includes: health advocates, epidemiologists, health educators, program planners, grant managers and other public health professionals; state agency staff (e.g., education, transportation, aging, agriculture, etc.); regional and city planners; local and county engineers; representatives from schools (e.g., health/physical education teachers, principal, nurse, food service, wellness committee members, school board members), community-based and faith-based organizations (e.g., recreation directors, child care centers, health ministry members, pastor, youth ministers), health care and business (e.g., hospital and clinic staff, employers and business owners, employee health and wellness providers, community outreach coordinators), and elected officials.

Course Format

This is an online, self-directed course that can be taken at any time. Participants control the pace at which they navigate through the three modules of the course.

"I enjoyed taking this course and thought it was put together very nicely,  the information was clear and presented in an organized manner" - 2012 course participant


The course is being offered at no cost.


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